3 Important Things to Know Before Meeting with a Web Designer

Website Design ToledoPosted on Jan 10, 2020 

Author: Katie Bruhl Zraik

Once you or your company decides that you need a website (or a redesign of an existing site), often the first thing you will do is research companies and reach out to one, or several, over the phone or through a contact form. Chances are they are going to have a lot of questions for you, perhaps ones you weren’t anticipating. The good news is you can do your homework before ever reaching out to a web designer. Not only will it serve to facilitate the whole process, but you are likely to seriously impress the designer who often speaks to clients that don’t have a vision of what they want.

Here are 3 things to know before you reach out to a person or company to design your website:

What is your budget? 

Knowing what you or your business is willing to spend is crucial. Many potential clients that ask for a quote often have sticker shock, having done no real advance research of what a website might cost. Letting us know from the get-go what your budget looks like will let us know what we can do for you. We chat with potential clients before meeting in person, and often if a budget is not realistic for us, we let you know right away so that we don’t waste your time. Usually we will suggest that you utilize the cheaper web templates on the market (especially if you are looking for an extremely basic site, some of these template sites are all you really need).

What kind of design and content do you want?

One of the initial questions that we like to ask each client is if they have any websites that they like the design of or would even like their site loosely modeled off. Coming in with a few examples of websites gives us a great insight of what you’d ultimately like your website to be. We also like to know if you have a specific color scheme you want to follow, and if you have any existing written content and/or photos that you want to use. We like to see anything you might want to include to give us the clearest picture of what you want.

Do you want us to just design your website, or are you looking for more?

Managing your site’s SEO, securing a domain name, hosting your company’s email, sending out newsletters/email marketing, setting up e-commerce, assisting with social media, or setting up an app are just some of the additional things that we can do for you. It’s important to know if you/your company is interested in this so that we can provide an accurate quote, but even more importantly, know if we are the best choice for you from a time perspective. We like to work with local clients and provide a lot of personalized attention. We make sure we do not overload ourselves with clients because we want to ensure that we can respond to any questions/comments/issues in a quick manner. Knowing what we are going to manage for you gives us a good rough estimate of the time we will be spending on your site.

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