Five Web Design Trends for Your Business in 2020

Web Design Trends 2019Posted on Jan 10, 2020 
Author: Katie Bruhl Zraik

A well-built website is the key to success for many businesses. Websites open your business up to a whole new area of possibility and potential customers. The key to a successful website is usability, the end-users experience, and staying ahead of current trends. The world of web technology is continually evolving; therefore, it is important to ensure your website stays fresh and relevant as well. The list below is a look at 5 web trends to expect to see in 2020.

Minimalist Design 

Having a site with a design and lots of white space is a top web trend currently. The user can see the focal point of the site without distraction and find any information they are looking for easily without being bogged down by too many images or text. A huge perk of having a website with a clean layout and a lot of white space (and probably why many designers are gravitating towards it) is that it will load much faster than sites that have too much going on.


This is an interaction designed to create a moment with the user, and it can be represented in many different ways. Some examples of micro-interactions include:

Animation: A good basic example of this could be a user hovering over image/text and it zooms out or has some other type of interesting effect. It is something that keeps the user interested and it is a helpful feature of showcasing something the designer wants the user to see that is important.

Current Status: This is something to let the user know the current status of the website. For example, letting the user know the site has an issue in an entertaining way (or just letting them know period which many sites don’t do) is a good way to keep the user informed and hopefully keep them from getting too frustrated. A good example I think of often is Disney. When their site is slow to load/having issues with a request there is usually a funny image that pops up with commentary- ae. Stitch popping up on the screen saying he ate the page with an explanation underneath.

Call to Action/Chat Bot: This is something that you have always seen that you will see more and more of. Ideally the call to action won’t be too disrupting from your browsing and can be minimized if necessary. One example of a call to action that you will see frequently (especially if you are shopping) is a pop-up up asking if you want to sign up for a discount. This interaction keeps you engaged, and the site owners are hoping that means further interaction with the site. Something else you will see a lot of are chat bots. A chat bot is something you see on a lot of sites that pops up in the corner of the screen. It doesn’t require the user to interact but is a helpful feature if you want to talk to a real person about a question or issue.

Solid Color Blocks

This trend of solid color blocks is another way you are seeing minimalism in web design. If you are choosing to use color blocks, it makes sense to stay within your website’s color scheme, so it doesn’t look too out of place. Using color blocks in web design is nothing new, and that’s because they work. If you use a color block you know that you can put important text/content in it because it is something the user will gravitate to. Additionally, this trend is popular because it is simple to do even for novice web designers.

Retro Design Elements

Retro styling is a current trend in web design. Think black and white photographs and retro color themes and styles. Subdued colors and bold fonts are two retro design elements that we are seeing a lot of right now. Web designers will continue to utilize retro design styles as long as creating nostalgia with users continues to be successful.


Having strong security on your site is critical to web design, especially with the malicious hacking and data breaches we frequently hear about.  This is especially critical on any sites that have any customer information; web security needs to be a top priority. Much of web security is in the background and something you won’t see, but as a user you might even be seeing more security elements in plain view. More sites than ever are using captcha or having elements that make you change your password often/or have a strong password that has elements that are hard for spammers to hack.

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