Someone Stole My Domain Name. What Can I Do?

 Someone Stole My Domain

Posted on January 4, 2017
Author: Katie Bruhl Zraik
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Have you ever let your domain name expire by mistake and then someone snatched it up before you could renew it? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Here are some ways you can go about getting your domain name back and avoiding this situation in the future.

Check to see if your domain is in a “redemption period” :

Call your domain provider. Your domain could still be in a “redemption period”. This means that your domain provider still has your domain name and they are willing to give it back to you for a small fee. GoDaddy charges an $80 recovery fee. This “redemption period” only lasts for 1-2 months so if your domain name just expired, give the company you bought it from a call. They may be able to help you.

See where the domain takes you :

If you type the domain name into the URL bar, what do you see? Does it take you to another website that sells domain names? Many people purposely take domain names that are set to expire and try to sell them back to you at a profit. If you type in the domain name, you can sometimes see that the person who took your domain is trying to sell it again through another company. Click on that company and see what it will take to get your domain name back. Sometimes the cost can be affordable; somewhere around $100 – $300. Other times, the price is set at thousands of dollars. Some domain name websites will let you negotiate a price with the owner while others will force you to go through an auction process. Either way, see if you can get it for a reasonable price.

Who Is?

If you have tried the last two suggestions and still have not found a way to regain control over your domain name, try looking up your domain in the “WHO IS” directory. If the domain name is not registered privately, you can get the contact information of the person who has control over it. Contact the person via email and ask them if they are willing to sell the domain to you. If they are willing to sell it to you, make sure to negotiate a good deal.

Some web companies offer a service to recover your domain. They will go through the necessary steps in order to regain control over your domain name. If all else fails, try to look up a similar domain name. GoDaddy makes suggestions based on what is available.

In the future, keep track of when your domain expires by using an electronic calendar with alerts or by giving your domain registration information to your webmaster. They will make sure your domain never expires.

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